VAJA Finland was born from the passion towards high-quality, classical and practical products

When working at Arabia factory we were brought together because of our mutual interest in the challenges that working with ceramic material brings, and our respect for finnish handcraft skills. This was the beginning of the VAJA story, although we did’nt realise it yet at that point.

We moved to a small city by the sea, approximately 100 km east of Helsinki, named Lovisa. This idyllic city with the sea and the forests nearby gave us a lot of inspiration, so we decided to try what the outcome would be, if we would combine the expertise of a ceramic model maker and a designer. We renovated a shed in our big garden, and there we started the planning, product developmet and production of our own product family.

Gradually the idea of a brand arouse, that would combine our values. The utensils made with big passion, finnish quality and functional design are the cornerstones of our collection. From day one it was also clear, that our production stays in Finland in our own factory. This way we ensure high quality products and an ethic production chain.

Today our production is located in Porvoo, a city that is known for its handcraft traditions. We have a bunch of professionals from the ceramic industry working with us. We at VAJA Finland create beautiful and smart design that surprises with its functionality and remains to generations to come.


Fred Owren & Henna Lamberg


Scandinavian design and Finnish quality

VAJA Finland was founded in 2011 and the main target was to create high-quality and timeless tableware without forgetting the great utilizing features. The design of the tableware follows the elegant and plain line combined with graphical, decorative patterns. The stackable cups and other multi-functional utensils made of vitroeus porcelain are all dishwasher, oven and microwave proof.

The high-quality products are made in our own factory, where we cherish traditional ways of hand craft. In the heart of the factory you will find our product development unit, that works very closely with both the designers and the production team, and ensures premium quality when it comes to either design, materials or finishing of the products.

Today our factory is situated in Porvoo, that is known for it's handcraft traditions.



DESIGN At its best, it brightens up the weekdays, finalizes feasts and is functional and practical. The common thread of the design of VAJA Finlandin is the balance and harmony of different elements.

QUALITY results from a cooperation of the whole VAJA team. The unconditional quality of the handcraft, a precise production process together with carefully selected raw materials ensures the quality level we require. This enables our products to last for generations to come.

INNOVATION is a part of our every day work. Every new product challanges both our product development- and our production team to find new solutions to maintain the efficiency of our production processes combined with the vison of the designer.

ETHICAL WORKING FACILITIES openness and the transparency of the production are the corner stones of or company. All the porcelain products are made at our own factory in Porvoo, so we know our employees and know exactly their working conditions.



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